List of Articles by #TheLinkedInGuru

List of Articles by #TheLinkedInGuru

Here is a list of all the articles I have published on LinkedIn. Please read these to help you use LinkedIn more effectively and please share with your network. Namaste 🙏 🖖

Schedule of LinkedIn Seminars for 2018/2019

Introduction Please check out the "For More Info" links for each seminar listed to register if necessary. Space is sometimes limited. My goal for 2018

A Collection of LinkedIn Tips

Since I'm not sure how LinkedIn has changed (or is about to change) the user interface, I decided to collect the series of links to tips that used to

5 Things You Can Do On LinkedIn in 20 Minutes a Day

Take the Time Many of the people I talk to or teach never seem to have time for LinkedIn. They believe that LinkedIn is important, but they just can't

Join the Latest Networking Sports League: NBA (No Bashing Allowed)

No, I'm not talking about basketball and perhaps "hate" is too strong a word, but I'm just trying to make a point. It seems to me that lately it has

I Do Solemnly Swear...My Five Promises of Networking on LinkedIn

Why would it be necessary to make promises about networking? First of all, because I want people to get to know me, like me and trust me when it comes

Top 5 LinkedIn Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

I've been talking a great deal with folks about etiquette on LinkedIn lately and that's what prompted me to write this article. Part of displaying the

LinkedIn - Time to Leave Behind Childish Things

The biblical quote goes something like this: "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I

FREE is the Best Four-Letter Word in the World

Why Do I Provide Something for Free? If you look at the dates on my published posts out here, you might get the impression that I haven't done

Three Super Powerful Searches on LinkedIn

Update 8/2/17: The ability to search a connection's connections is back! Giving credit where it is due, my colleague @Mark Williams has a great "how

LinkedIn Tip: Join the Conversation, Say Thank You

I believe your Personal Brand begins with "Thank You". One of the greatest things about networking for me is that I get to say THANK YOU so often. If

LinkedIn Tip: Thanks for the Referral

Even if you know how to do an invitation on LinkedIn, please read this whole article (especially the end)! First of all, I want to thank all the great

LinkedIn Video Tips From The LinkedIn Guru

Taking the Next Step in Helping People use LinkedIn Effectively Back about a month or so ago a couple of new networking friends of mine (Jeremy

LinkedIn Tip: Maximizing LinkedIn Branding Channels

Building a Brand I've been told it is a marketing cliche that you need seven touches in order to get your message across. Basically, the more touches

LinkedIn Tip: Exporting Your LinkedIn Connections

Updated 10/20/2017: Here's an easy one just in case some day you would like to export your list of connections (names, Emails, etc.) to another

LinkedIn Tip: What is This Networking Thing?

LinkedIn is a great networking tool, but that's all it is ...a tool. If you don't understand networking in the first place, you probably won't be

LinkedIn Tip: Download Your LinkedIn Account Data For Enhanced Stats

Downloading Your Account Data Recently, LinkedIn added the capability to download an archive of your LinkedIn data. Why would you want to do this, you

To Complete or Not to Complete...That is the Question!

I've got an interesting topic for discussion. I have been teaching people for a long time now that you should have a "COMPLETE" profile (which

LinkedIn Tips - Stump the GURU

For anyone interested, I would like to start a new game show - "Stump the GURU". Your host is me - your friendly neighborhood LinkedIn GURU. Sometimes

The Three Ps of LinkedIn's Power

The Three Ps of LinkedIn's Power Keith Luscher and I sat down over coffee a little while back and discussed LinkedIn as a tool for networking,

Be Careful or You Could End up in Jail

Update 10/31/15: ATTENTION ALL GROUP MANAGERS: If you ever discover that you have someone in your group being moderated please take care of the

LinkedIn Tip: Share and Share Alike

Many times in my classes and in posts here on LinkedIn I have said that SHARING or participating on LinkedIn is really where you build your brand. For

Join the Conversation and Get Tips on LinkedIn

Back in August of 2014 I created a new Group on LinkedIn. It is called "LI Tips for All Levels of Experience" (click link to join). I have already

How Do You Spell Success? LinkedIn

Okay people, I've had it! I can't stand by any longer and not say anything. (Rant-on) IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE ON THE BEST PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA

LinkedIn Tip: Maximizing the Potential of Your 2nd Degree Connections Part 1

Because of size restrictions on LinkedIn I have had to break this "How To" post into two parts. This part (Part 1) will take you through how you do a

LinkedIn Tip: Maximizing the Potential of Your 2nd Degree Connections Part 2

Because of size restrictions on LinkedIn I have had to break this "How To" post into two parts. This part (Part 2) will show you how you use

LinkedIn Tip: Like vs. Comment vs. Share an Update

Original Article: Joining the Conversation If you want to get found on LinkedIn then you have to actually DO something on LinkedIn. I teach people in

LinkedIn Tip: G.I.V.E. to Your Network

How do I strengthen my LinkedIn network? How do I best take advantage of networking through LinkedIn to build my professional brand? Many people have

LinkedIn Tip: Differences Between Following And Connecting

Original Post 06/14/14: (which has now been updated as of 9/15/17) Here is what the LinkedIn Help says about the difference: How is following someone

LinkedIn Tip: Do Someone in Your Network a Favor

One of the nicest things that you can do for someone else in your network is send them a recommendation:

LinkedIn Tip: Save Time and Your Sanity on LinkedIn

Update 10/10/17: As of this date I am informed by an excellent LinkedIn colleague of mine @Jared Wiese that not only are the options below coming

LinkedIn Tip: Getting and Sending Invitations

I had a friend of mine send me some questions recently about how confusing invitations can be on LinkedIn. I think a great many people are confused